Falling for Colder Weather Without Pain

First of all, I’ve got hot stones to heat you up and I know how to use ’em 🙂  Second to that, taking care of articulation malaise often involves supporting the surrounding muscular tissues that encapsulate joints.  If you’re prone to arthritic symptoms like so many are when the colder weather starts, doing some self care by getting a therapeutic massage is a great prevention plan to stave off winter being such a pain in the…glutes? 😉

Freeing up your body’s tensions will aid in reducing injuries for those who run on the tense side of muscle tissue fiber, particularly for those with fibromyalgia, insomnia, stressed lifestyle and anxiety symptoms.

Inevitably when we are a little chilly we hunch up our shoulders, curve our backs and tense up our pecs.  All this, with an increased fall season workload that happens in our fast paced lives (often on a laptop or computer!), generally leads to a flurry of tense necks seen in my line of work.  Tense necks generally include some nasty jaw tensions (TMJ symptoms) and migraine cycles when the rainy days begin.  Sound terrible? It doesn’t have to be! Getting your massage in a couple of times in the months of Oct and Nov can be your secret weapon to keeping yourself in tip top shape while benefiting from the glorious cooler weather outside and amazing color change nature provides in landscape.

Bonus round for massage therapy benefits barring battling out muscle tensions, arthritic symptoms, migraines and general body aches? Massage therapy ups your immune system too, making your defenses all the stronger throughout flu season.

Hate migraines, pain, tensions, insomnia, anxiety and the flu? Great! I can help you, book with me now and feel confident that you are doing a fantastic proactive measure to making sure you continue to feel awesome while everyone else complains about how “winter is coming” while you take in the better side of falling for cold weather in style.


Allison Ryan

While many provide massage in Montreal, I believe I stand out from the crowd due to my genuine love of the healing arts, as well as ability to tailor your massage session to suit your personal needs, always making sure to find your tension spots so that none are left unaddressed. An experience in relaxation and soothing for your muscles not to be missed!

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Allison Ryan