Looking for a last minute gift of healing for your loved one? Certificates for therapeutic massage are easily obtainable even (and especially!) for those who are out of town or under the duress of time to get shopping done this holiday season.  

You can order gift certificates remotely by calling or texting me at 514-836-9690.  Payments can be done electronically via credit card, Paypal or e-transfer.  Once payment is received, I then send you a high quality jpeg gift certificate you can print to include in a card or send in an email, in return.  

How easy is that? After all, even the process of gifting can be relaxing, when it comes to massage therapy 🙂 Wishing you a beautiful 2018! 


Falling for Colder Weather Without Pain

First of all, I’ve got hot stones to heat you up and I know how to use ’em 🙂  Second to that, taking care of articulation malaise often involves supporting the surrounding muscular tissues that encapsulate joints.  If you’re prone to arthritic symptoms like so many are when the colder weather starts, doing some self care by getting a therapeutic massage is a great prevention plan to stave off winter being such a pain in the…glutes? 😉

Freeing up your body’s tensions will aid in reducing injuries for those who run on the tense side of muscle tissue fiber, particularly for those with fibromyalgia, insomnia, stressed lifestyle and anxiety symptoms.

Inevitably when we are a little chilly we hunch up our shoulders, curve our backs and tense up our pecs.  All this, with an increased fall season workload that happens in our fast paced lives (often on a laptop or computer!), generally leads to a flurry of tense necks seen in my line of work.  Tense necks generally include some nasty jaw tensions (TMJ symptoms) and migraine cycles when the rainy days begin.  Sound terrible? It doesn’t have to be! Getting your massage in a couple of times in the months of Oct and Nov can be your secret weapon to keeping yourself in tip top shape while benefiting from the glorious cooler weather outside and amazing color change nature provides in landscape.

Bonus round for massage therapy benefits barring battling out muscle tensions, arthritic symptoms, migraines and general body aches? Massage therapy ups your immune system too, making your defenses all the stronger throughout flu season.

Hate migraines, pain, tensions, insomnia, anxiety and the flu? Great! I can help you, book with me now and feel confident that you are doing a fantastic proactive measure to making sure you continue to feel awesome while everyone else complains about how “winter is coming” while you take in the better side of falling for cold weather in style.


Thank You! I ranked #2 as Best Massage Therapist in Cult Montreal’s BOM!

A huge thank you to my clients who took the time to vote for me in the Cult Montreal Best of Montreal reader’s poll, 2014 edition.  As a result, I moved up from 2012’s ranking of 5th place up to 2nd place! The exposure helps with marketing endeavors to get the word out there as to what I do and how my therapy aids in the healing process of my clients.  I am super thrilled.  Much love to all of you!



Palmistry Consultations!

I’ve been a shy cat to offer another service I’m rather good at, being palm reading, until now, due to perceiving it may diminish my professional appearance as a validly awesome therapeutic massage practitioner.  However! There has been some demand due to Hallowe’en approaching, so why not come out of the psychic entertainment closet per say and tell you all that you’re welcome to come for a reading 🙂  I’m asking $50 for this service, and it takes about 30-45 mins and covers all major and minor lines of both of your hands, finger type, spacing, etc…I’ve been reading for many years now, for corporate events/parties and in private, etc. and you’ll come away with a good translation of what that life map etched on your hands means 🙂

September/Oct Weather Attack!

In time for fall, those who thrive in warmer weather may find that their muscles have turned into treason worthy creatures, screaming for attention.

Just like heat intolerance, where some suffer in warmer months due to inflamed tissues around joints creating pain, pain can happen to those who get cold easily when the fall months hit due to unconscious muscle constriction. Areas of the body that have been tense long term are more bound to start being a real issue re: mobility and pain management through the autumn season.

The cold makes us more tense, more apt to be rigid and prone to injury due to muscle stiffness. People who dislike cold and love heat generally are more prone to suffer during the fall transition time, as it’s a bit of a shock to the system.  The body needs an adaptation time to get used to the new temperatures, so this phase usually normalizes by early winter.

In the meantime, what can you do to get through a fall transition cold weather cranky body crisis?

– Take a very hot bath 1-2 times a day, ideally with epsom salts.  Even just a 10 min hot soak will help relax your muscles immensely.

–  Stretch! Stretch! Stretch! Gently…for those who don’t have a regular streching routine or don’t know what to do/where personal body limitations considering injury are, hiring a private yoga therapist to provide a couple of one on one sessions tailored to your body is a great idea.  Otherwise, simple stretches are also quite useful.  Think gym class style.  Or alternately, there are numerous Youtube videos for a simple stretching routine.  It doesn’t have to be hardcore, nor an hour’s worth – just take 20 mins for yourself to connect to your body and move it around with care, extending your limbs, loosening your back, etc…you’d probably be surprised how amazing just lying on the floor with your arms extended is if you don’t ever take the time out to do it.

– Breathe! The cold makes us wound up, and sometimes just a bit of relaxation and breath work are useful for dislodging tight areas between shoulder blades and tight pectoral muscles (remember, they work together!).  Again, take 10 mins to lay on the floor and focus on your breathing, deep and intentional, and being aware of where your breath falls and how your back muscles engage in the process, and relaxing more and more into the floor each exhalation.

– Roll it out.  A robust foam roller, or my fav. tool, the Trigger Point roller, acts as your body’s new bff, allowing you to roll out your tension spots autonomously, reaching all the little areas that need a bit of compression to unlock tension and allow increased range of motion.  I can get a few back cracks in using mine, mixed with some breathing exercises (see above), it’s fantastic.

– Massage! (ha! you saw that coming didn’t you? 😉 ): yes, a good session of tension alleviation gives you a head start on keeping your body loose and ready to face life’s challenges with reduced pain and increased mobility, despite the cold weather.

Allison Ryan as best Massage Therapist in the top 5 of the Mirror’s BOM 2012!

Thank you to those who voted for me! I am delighted to be included in the top 5 massage therapists in Montreal for 2012, as per the Montreal Mirror’s BOM (Best of Montreal) edition!


Shamanic Rattle Making Workshop at the NHC!

I will be teaching a workshop at the NHC Institute on the 26th and 27th of November, 2011 (1-4pm) on how to fabricate your own rawhide shamanic rattle.

Rattles are excellent tools for personal healing, manifestation, shifting energy, meditation and most importantly, cleansing. Whereas the drum is a symbolic heartbeat, the rattle is like rain – it cleanses and purifies, and often is used to diagnose and eradicate illness found both within the body and in the astral energetic spheres. This workshop lets you explore hands on manifestation creating a sacred object that can be used for healing, meditation & ritual.

We will explore the symbolic nature of the rattle, it’s uses and applications in aborigional spiritualtiy and today’s shamanic culture. Tapping into your inner realms & the dreamtime, we will stitch, mould and shape the rawhide for the rattle head, fill it with sounding objects, paint it with a personal power symbol, adorn it with special materials and attach a metaphysical stone for added healing vibrations.

You will be given a large selection of crafting materials to select & work with, including suede, sheep fur, lacing, beads, metaphysical stones, feathers, paint, etc… All that you need to make your rattle is provided although you are encouraged to bring along any special objects you feel you may want to include in your creation as well as a wood stick/branch (6 – 12 inches long is perfect).

No artistic talent is required…the healing purpose of this workshop is to allow your flow of creativity to bubble up & move throughout your body, so that this energy can be applied in a multitude of areas in your life.

*Please note: There will be a $30 fee payable directly to the teacher to cover the expense of the materials*

Teacher: Allison Ryan
Date: November 26 & 27
Time: 1 – 4pm
Hours: 6
Cost: $120 + Course materials ($90 + c.m. before Nov 16)

Registration must be done through the NHC Institute website’s workshop page or by contacting the NHC Institute directly.

I hope to see you there 🙂

– Allison



Allison Ryan