Shamanic Rattle Making Workshop at the NHC!

I will be teaching a workshop at the NHC Institute on the 26th and 27th of November, 2011 (1-4pm) on how to fabricate your own rawhide shamanic rattle.

Rattles are excellent tools for personal healing, manifestation, shifting energy, meditation and most importantly, cleansing. Whereas the drum is a symbolic heartbeat, the rattle is like rain – it cleanses and purifies, and often is used to diagnose and eradicate illness found both within the body and in the astral energetic spheres. This workshop lets you explore hands on manifestation creating a sacred object that can be used for healing, meditation & ritual.

We will explore the symbolic nature of the rattle, it’s uses and applications in aborigional spiritualtiy and today’s shamanic culture. Tapping into your inner realms & the dreamtime, we will stitch, mould and shape the rawhide for the rattle head, fill it with sounding objects, paint it with a personal power symbol, adorn it with special materials and attach a metaphysical stone for added healing vibrations.

You will be given a large selection of crafting materials to select & work with, including suede, sheep fur, lacing, beads, metaphysical stones, feathers, paint, etc… All that you need to make your rattle is provided although you are encouraged to bring along any special objects you feel you may want to include in your creation as well as a wood stick/branch (6 – 12 inches long is perfect).

No artistic talent is required…the healing purpose of this workshop is to allow your flow of creativity to bubble up & move throughout your body, so that this energy can be applied in a multitude of areas in your life.

*Please note: There will be a $30 fee payable directly to the teacher to cover the expense of the materials*

Teacher: Allison Ryan
Date: November 26 & 27
Time: 1 – 4pm
Hours: 6
Cost: $120 + Course materials ($90 + c.m. before Nov 16)

Registration must be done through the NHC Institute website’s workshop page or by contacting the NHC Institute directly.

I hope to see you there 🙂

– Allison



Allison Ryan