Pictures on this website are credited to Minna Katarina and Andrei & Lili, whom are all very talented artists and who’s work I very much appreciate!


Andrea Peneycad Osteopath: Andrea is a superb, talented osteopath located in the Plateau and in fact, my awesome next door neighbor.  Schedule a back to back session with us for full on healing power!

Pierre Black Health & Lifestyle Consulting: Pierre’s approach is dynamic and multidisciplinary. He favors the constitutional-energetic approach found in the time-tested wisdom of Ayurveda and Traditional Chinese Medicine.  Find out what your body’s constitution is, and learn how to feed it the foods it craves to obtain maximum health benefits & performance.  Pierre can also aid with natural supplements for specific illness, health goal sets and prevention of disease.


Alter Records: is a not-for-profit music label that was born from a passion for music and a desire to assist artists with the development and recognition of their creativity.


Gypsy Circus: A World Fusion of Exotic Textiles Handcrafted into Wearable Art.

Advika Clothing: conscientious eco-fashion


The Art of April-Anna: Her commercial services include face painting, body painting, temporary tattoos, henna, beauty make-up, theatrical make-up and more. Her noncommercial fine arts range in size and discipline, including painting, sculpting, building props and mask making.


Academie Ballet Flameco: Lina Moros’ school of Ballet Flamenco is top notch and a fun way to express your body’s creativity and expression!



Allison Ryan