Swedish Relaxation Massage/Massage de Détente Suédois

Swedish Relaxation Massage

Soft and comfortable...A soothing treatment to let yourself drift away from the stresses of life. A lighter touch than a therapeutic/deep tissue massage, this technique is meant to provide the receiver with a general sense of well being & rejuvenation. This type of massage allows the mind to unwind and relax, facilitating a deep state of relaxation conducive to acceleration of the body’s healing processes.

Using massage maneuvers such as effleurage (sliding/gliding), petrissage (kneading), tapotement (rhythmic tapping), frictions (cross fiber work most recognized by use of thumbs) and vibrations/shaking, Swedish massage is the most commonly known & sought out massage technique in the Western world.

Effective yet gentle, it improves circulation, flushes out metabolic waste, helps with pain management, promotes regular sleep cycles, elevates mood, enhances immune system response, accelerates muscle tissue repair and is a best friend to any type of homeostasis or balance your body is trying to achieve.






Allison Ryan